Partnership Working Consultancy LLP

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We offer professional services to support Education Improvement Partnership (EIP) activity.



t: 020 3091 8113

m: 07958 66 34 58


  • Personal Background

I was born in 1953 to parents with interests in teaching, theatre and writing.

I currently live in North London and have a second home in Normandy, France.

My partner, Amanda Wood, is an illustrator and works in schools to promote display and school message through a variety of media. We have three children: Sean, Roisin and Todd.

  • Professional Background

I've worked in Inner London, Hertfordshire and Essex schools over the last 35 years. My experience includes education journalism, Ofsted Inspection, Primary teaching and locum or substantive headship at five schools.

I have also been involved in managing major change programmes, including school reorganisation and local strategic partnerships.

My special interests include education and community partnership working, inclusion and creative curriculum development.