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DCSF VfM programme and Partnership Working professional seminars

The DCSF Value for Money programme supported over 1000 primary, special and secondary schools in making effective use of all available resources from 2007-2010.

Jon O'Connor, senior partner at Partnership Working was appointed to the Avail VFM consultant team and worked with over 60 schools; this expertise and experience has been used to develop professional support services within the Partnership Working programme for schools and learning providers. Further details on request.

NET/DfE Early Year Matter programme

The DfE has commissioned the National Education Trust to deliver the Early Years Matter programmme.

This will create a national network of hubs of best practice for Children's Centre and SureStart settings. Partnership Working has been engaged by NET to support design and delivery for this innovative 10 module programme.

Co-operative College

The Co-operative College is part of the wider co-operative movement and is currently supporting the development of co-operative school Trusts and Academies, based on a strong system of values and a commitment to working with the local community. By early 2012, the number of co-operative schools is expected to exceed 200.

Jon O'Connor is an Associate of the Co-operative College, working as regional adviser in London and the South East.

INTEC (Cambridge)

The INTEC portfolio of curriculum product and management programmes provides a wide variety of effective working method review systems to explore the impact of school practice.

Partnership Working is a consultant partner to Pearson Publishing and has helped to develop a number of INTEC programmes and publications, including Attitudes to Learning and Improvement Partnership Planner.

Building the Future of Felixstowe

Felixstowe Learning Trust was established in 2008 to bring the benefits of partnership working in a local community to focus on raising aspirations and achievement.

Partnership Working provided consultancy expertise and project management for FLT. During this period, the Trust experienced a significant improvement in results at both schools.

Riverside Learning Trust

The Riverside development in Barking and Dagenham represents one of the most significant developments in London and the South-East, creating up to 11,000 homes and the associated infrastructure of community services.

Partnership Working was commissioned to support a local co-operative in developing a competition bid to promote the new Secondary and Special school facilities at Riverside, which will later be expanded to incorporate provision for primary school management. The bid was successful and work is underway to establish the school in 2012.

Science Alive

Science Alive is an Eastern Region project to support hands-on learning in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) To find out more visit

Partnership Working is providing project management capacity & funding expertise to support Science Alive.

The first phase of this work involved Partnership Working in securing funding and project managing the design and building of Science Alive's £4m purpose built centre in Harlow, Essex which opened successfully in late 2010.

Writers on the Hill

Writers on the Hill is a collaborative of outstanding creative practitioners, exposing young people to the richness and excitement of the spoken and written word. Partnership Working is helping to develop & promote programmes for Writers in Residence at a number of schools.

ArtWorks (Essex)

Partnership Working is providing logistics and strategic planning to this unique project, providing 13 Art Studios alongside 10 specially designed studio appartments for those recovering from mental health issues.

Completion is expected in early 2012

Gerson Lehrman

Gerson Lehrman advise on the UK education system and current context for investment and development.

Jon O'Connor, Senior partner at Partnership Working is a member of the Gerson Lehrman global consultancy network.

Harlow Children's Centre Network Having developed the initial strategy for a group of six centres serving Harlow, Partnership Working provided quality assurance support and leadership for a team of specialist advisory teachers from 2008-2010
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