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Our associates are individuals we have really enjoyed working with on our partnership projects. They come from a range of disciplines & may have commitments to other organisations or activities.

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Associate profiles
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Areas of Expertise
Jon O'Connor (Senior Partner)
Community development # Project management # Early Years # Primary leadership # Extended schools Children's Centres # Governance # ECM # Multi-agency services
David Wishart
Music workshop
Eddie Clarke
Secondary behaviour support
Eileen Fursland
Journalism # Voluntary sector management # public service issues
Ellen Wishart
Media & PR film production
Graham Pearman
Statistical analysis # data and research reporting
Jane Monson
Creative writing development # G&T projects
John McMinn
14-19 partnership development # Information, Advice & Guidance #
Jonathan Bond
Creative Curriculum # Primary staff training and development
Ken Pammen
Arts education # Early Years
Linda Williams
Primary leadership and management support# SEN provision
Lindsay Fursland
Adult education # Creative Writing
Mairi Macleod Tailored curriculum projects for Key Stage 2 & Key Stage 3
Michelle Bliss NLP practitioner # Guidance for young people
Rebecca Locke
Early Years, Children's Centre development
Roger Fielding
Leadership, executive coaching and training, team building
Ruth Crowland
Early Years, Children's Centre development
Steve Davy
School design & environment (architectural practice)
Tim Westrip
Secondary leadership # School performance
Tina Priestley
Early Years, Children's Centre development