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Originally from Kent, Amanda has a BA in Fine Art from Ravensbourne College of Art and Design.

Amanda currently lives in North London with her partner Jon O'Connor.

Amanda has worked as a freelance illustrator for many years, mainly for Educational publishers such as Oxford University Press, Franklin Watts, Heinemann etc. For the last 10 years she has spent more time working in schools, firstly as a resident artist working with all ages through infant and primary.

Amanda has also designed and delivered a variety of individual workshops for students, such as Illustration and Manga drawing in secondary schools.

More recently Amanda has specialised in helping schools promote their image by creating vibrant, professional reception areas, through design and display, using the school's own photo banks of images to create unique posters and photographic displays. 

Amanda says:

"Through my years of experience as an illustrator, I enjoy creating displays that tell a story and show all that a school does best. Sometimes a display will feature a whole year in the life of the school, featuring images of best achievements that I edit and create in photo shop.

These displays always create a lot of interest with the students and staff, also with parents and visitors. To have an impressive entrance to a school can say a lot about it’s values, sending out that message to any visitors (including OFSTED!)."

Amanda's latest commission is a series of large paintings for the Science corridor of a secondary school in North London, included in some of the images you can see here alongside other recent school commissions.

Amanda would be happy to arrange a visit with her portfolio if you are interested in her working for your school.




Illustration and portrait work

Amanda also undertakes commissions to provide sketches and portraits of subjects which mean something special to you

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